Shakeology Health Benefits

Shakeology health benefits I personally tested this product throughly and found that I finally found a meal replacement with REAL benefits. Check out my Shakeology review as well as the Shakeology Cleanse details. I've experienced many health benefits including:

meal replacement bullet Feeling Energized
meal replacement bullet Improved Digestion and Regularity
meal replacement bullet Improved cardiovascular health
meal replacement bullet Lowered blood pressure
meal replacement bullet Lower cholesterol
meal replacement bullet Fewer cravings

In addition to my own trials, an independent 90-day study found that Shakeology users experienced the following health benefits:*

  • They reduced oxidative stress, a risk factor for degenerative diseases, by as much as 90%.
  • They lowered their total cholesterol levels by an average of 30% and their "bad" cholesterol levels by an average of 38%.
  • They reduced their cardiovascular risk factors by an average of 24%.

Shakeology Benefits - Clinical Trial Overview

More than 70 different ingredients were chosen from around the world for their potency and bioavailability (the ability to deliver the nutrients your body needs). Here are the key Buy Shakeologynutrient groups that these ingredients deliver:*

  • Protein and Essential Amino Acids to help build long, lean muscles and reduce food cravings. Health benefits...
    • Help build and repair muscles
    • Reduce hunger and food cravings
    • Help keep blood sugar steady
    • Support brain function to help promote alert thinking and reduce anxiety
    • Promote healthy skin, hair, and nails

  • Prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes, which aid in improving digestion, regularity, and nutrient absorption. Health benefits include...
    • Aid digestion
    • Help boost the immune system
    • Increase absorption of nutrients
    • Help keep you "regular"

  • Antioxidants and Phytonutrients to help counteract free radical damage that can lead to degenerative diseases. Shakeology benefits include...
    • Get rid of harmful free radicals
    • Help decrease inflammation
    • Buy ShakeologyHelp boost your immune system
    • Potentially decrease the risk of degenerative diseases
    • May even increase longevity

  • Vitamins and Minerals your body needs to function for optimal health.
    • Get a wide range of essential nutrients
    • Get your necessary vitamins every day
    • Make up for dietary deficiencies

Don't forget to check out my personal Shakeology review. Also, remember that ALL orders come with a 30-day no risk guarantee! Order now or request a sample and Shakeology discount pricing.